Fuelling the future with LNG

The Port of Rotterdam is the European import, (re)export and regasification hub for Liquefied Natural Gas. Since 2011 LNG-tankers can transship their cargo to three storage tanks at the Gate terminal. After regasification, LNG is transported through pipelines from these tanks to the Dutch and Europe...



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Rotterdam supplies Oasis of the Seas

by Jan Koedood
S5 Agency World Rotterdam

Last week the Oasis of the Seas, the biggest passenger vessel in the world departed from Rotterdam after a two-week maintenance period. The cruise vessel of cruise liner Royal Caribbean International didn’t just leave with a new engine and ...

Too good to waste

by Editor
Port of Rotterdam Authority

Rising numbers of people, organizations and sectors are taking responsibility for their own waste and that applies to the shipping industry as well. The Port of Rotterdam Authority facilitates the efficient collection, transportation and pr...

Rotterdam, fastest way to Austria

by Franz Zauner
Port of Rotterdam Authority

With the launch of the new EGS rail shuttle between the port of Rotterdam and the Austrian cities Enns and Vienna on September 26th, Rotterdam now has seven weekly direct rail services to and from Austria. Earlier this year IMS already star...
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