Lean and Green Barge

Inland shipping has numerous benefits. For one thing, a container shipped by barge produces fewer CO2 emissions than a container transported by truck. Inland vessels sail past traffic jams and they are able to transport many more containers with less manpower than trucks.



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New way of degassing containers in Rotterdam

by Leo Roderkerken
Gasmeetstation Rotterdam

A new way of degassing containers is recently introduced in the port of Rotterdam. Gas measuring company Gasmeetstation Rotterdam was the first company to start using special suction nozzles, which are placed between the door seals. Once th...

Swimming in Rotterdam’s aorta

by Editor
Port of Rotterdam Authority

This picture shows the Swiss Rhine swimmer Ernst Bromeis after arriving in the Port of Rotterdam on Tuesday. On Wednesday he completed his 1247 kilometer journey along the Rhine, which he started on July 7th in Lake Toma in Switserland, the...
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